Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared!

And here's the first entry in the Nympho series. Also maybe my favorite now. Yukari is awesome, and Yukari in thigh highs and those elbow gloves is infinitely more awesome. The cover image is one of the best I've ever seen I think.

Also, the one-year anniversary of Sharpie Translations is coming up. Look forward to that, I'll have lots of goodies for you guys (and girls).

ExHentai: Link
UploadMirrors: Link


  1. huh. I swear i've read this in english before but I can't figure out where i could have read it. I did view the untranslated version so that might be why it seems so familar.

    regardless very well done translation. i look forward to your 1 year aniversary.

    1. Again my policy is that if it isn't translated on ExHentai I'll do it. Besides, I've done the other 3 so I needed to complete my set. Bet your ass I'll be doing the fifth. Still waiting on that damn Tonari no Yukari-san 4...