Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Wild Nymphomaniac Appeared! 4

Well, with Reitaisai 9 having just hit, there are about forty billion new Touhou doujins to go through, and this one caught my eye immediately. I did the previous two in this series (may do the first someday) because they were fucking awesome. This is more of the same. Everybody (EVERYBODY) loves some sweet curvy Yukari.

EHentai: Link
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  1. This is a really good doujin and I like how sexy yukari is but....WHY IS SHE WEARING CLOTHES? I know it shouldn't bother me but wearing gloves and thighhighs while bathing seems so pointless to me.

    I guess maybe she doesn't want to directly touch the guy's penis but she willingly puts it inside her that i doubt there'd be an issue with that.

    regardless, very well done translation.

    1. Don't question it, dumb as it is I think it only makes it sexier. Of course she's lying to the guy about it.

  2. Download link is dead. Can you please re- upload?