Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're back!
With another Puella Magi Madoka Magica work, we bring you glorious gang rape of Homura, Madoka, and Mami. Although I wanted Mami featured a bit more, Homura and Madoka obviously get the most attention to my disappointment. But that wasn't the problem... The original scan that was provided was faded and wasn't very pretty. So... I spent a lot of time to make this one look good doing some serious editing and it came pretty well in the end. There's also a special surprise for you at the end! Enjoy this doujinshi from Modae Tei! Feel free to leave any advice, comments, or criticisms for me because I still getting learning the tools of trade. -Noradic

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  1. I was holding back since I didn't want to be the 'bad guy' but since nobody else seems to be bringing it up...this is horrifically over leveled. It hurts my eyes to look at this, it's that bad. Detail is getting lost because the blacks are way overleveled, and colours look out of whack. The original looked pretty good, I thought. Bringing the blacks up a little looks pretty good too. Overdoing it like this a real shame.

  2. I apologize if I ruined this doujin for you. I'm glad that you brought this up because I was under the assumption that source was faded/scanned poorly so I "tried" as a first attempt to level this doujin. Although the cover stands out the most(because leveling wasn't necessary?), everything else looked better to me because the images became a bit sharper and more "full" of color.

  3. You say that the images became sharper and more full of colour, but I'd have to disagree. Even just taking a look at that sample page, you can see that the blacks are over leveled. You're losing finer details, such as Homura's stockings. White areas are VERY noticeable, whereas in the original, they were designed to blend in with the more natural looking skin tones or the softer gradient of Madoka's dress in the bottom right. The foggy panels at the top have turned into more fog than picture. Also there's also a horrifying blob inside the 'right' bubble, as well as few issues with the cleanliness of other bubbles on that page. And all that is just the one page.

    While I could nitpick all day, that's not being particularly helpful. What I wanted to avoid was having this error repeat itself in your future edits. Leveling is hard. Finding the right balance is hard. But it's easy to recognize when you've taken it too far. And this is one of those cases. Hey, at least you tried to level. Which is more than I can say about some editors with far more experience.