Friday, July 8, 2011

Suiren Hana

Got another one for you guys, this time featuring the cast of UFO. It's also in lovely full color for your enjoyment. This time we have a jealous Nazrin hatching a plot to have Hijiri all to herself. This one was the hardest translation I've done so far, so if you notice anything lost in translation, please tell me as I'd love to know how to improve myself. Next one is slated for early next week.

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  1. Nazrin and Byakuren. Strangely a very likable pairing for me. The artist did a good job coloring them. And very good translations.

    Off topic but do you guys have a place where people could ask for works to be translated?

  2. >Off topic but do you guys have a place where people could ask for works to be translated?

    Where you're typin' right now works.

  3. Guessing you guys know of ? thats where i get all my touhou doujins from.

    not sure what kind of links are ok but this will be a good learning experience.

    (例大祭8) [みならい本舗] パチュリーと足ばかりの同人
    this is a patchouli and rinnosuke doujin. I greatly like how patchouli is drawn here and its a nice footjob. plus rinnosuke really doesn't get enough love.

    both of these are done by Albatross. They do a lot of Mystia x touhou character doujins. originally they did mystiaxfutas doujins that got translated by UMAD but recently they've been doing straight, monster cock straight consentual sex doujins.

    [Albatross] Eromisu+3
    Team 9 fucks a big dicked Youkai. (Youkai's somewhat human shaped. not monster demon) then mystia takes the dick full force.

    (例大祭8)[あるばとろす] らぶえろみすちー
    mystia goes to visit the demon by herself and they have conentual sex. feels more personal this time.

  4. Not gonna lie, I really like that Patchouli doujin.

  5. really love how patchy is drawn there

    these are the last ones i can think of. And i realize how many there are now. lol, not as many as a first expected but still a good bit.
    would be cool to see these translated but I don't want it to feel like your forced to do so.

    [Kuma-tan Flash!] Kuugeki no Sacrifice
    YukarixRandom guy.
    she traps a guy and has her way with him. straight with some gap prostrate stimulating? like the paranoia feel going on. not sure what she's gonna do to the guy.

    (例大祭8) [ナハバル] 幻想郷口唇記
    Youmu and YuyukoxRandom guy. Straight, 2girls on 1guy, paranormal?
    I find this interesting cause it uses Youmu's ghost half to give the guy a blow job WHILE he's inside Yuyuko's vagina. I always like seeing artsit using Youmu's ghost half for wierd stuff like this.

    (C79) [circle six] あぶそ~ぶH
    NazrinxRandom Guy consentual straight sex.
    seems that somehow Shou's jeweled pagoda became a part of a man's penis or something. The guy's reactions make me laugh. Have a feeling the dialouge is equally funny.

    (例大祭8) [藤色茶房] Re:play
    YoumuxLunasa consentual Yuri with toys. like how innocent this is.
    Its a sequal to one that UMAD translated before.

    (同人誌) [石炭袋] THUNDER CLOTH (東方 エロ)
    fey tas / Sekitan Bukuro for english names
    IkuxRandom guy. Fendom. Straight, oral, onahole, anal fingering, pegging.
    this guy has a style thats, i don't know how to describe it? disgusting in a way, and yet, appealing.