Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letty's Dream Delusions

I kinda like this artist but everything he draws is the exact same formulaic pattern. Take an assortment of girls, have another one hallucinate/dream/freak out vividly about them being fucked. Still, according to my information, I haven't done anything with Letty yet, and she's like one of my favorites, so that's a shame. Enjoy.

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  1. What the holy fuck did I just read, seriously ?!? :D

    Oh boy, that felt really good, thank you very much ^_^

    Usually, the doujinshi that we see in English are ware machines, designed to sell a lot.
    Here, I think we stayed closer to the original doujin spirit : parody, adaptation, having fun while doing it - it shows, and it feels great :)

    Thanks for this release, doujinshi like this are a feast :)

    (PS : if you want more comments, I'd suggest adding more comments options. At the moment, this is ONLY "google account". You should enable more options, like twitter,, and the default basical one : "name/url option"...)

    1. Well I was a little bit hesitant to open it to anonymous users, but I did so let's see how that works out.

  2. Warning: incoming rant.

    I really love the translation. sadly the artist seems to be repeating the same scenario over and over again throughout all their works. I get that this isn't fap material but some more originality with the sexual content itself wouldn't hurt.

    i mean, its basicaly
    lead find girl, misunderstands situation, imagines that girl in sexual intercourse.
    lead finds another girl, misunderstands situation, imagines that girl in sexual intercourse slightly more intense then the previous.
    Lead imagines self in a sexual situation due to all the other sexual fantasies they've had.

    granted the humor is pretty good but a little change isn't bad. I really like the doujin by the artist that had yuyuko, kanako, yukari, and eirin (i think?) all trapped in a dream and they were getting fucked in the dream world. to me, that felt like a nice change of pace from the typical structure and i hope they do something like that again.

    if you're curious, the parsee one is my favorite just cause of the end part. theres nothing wrong with being a pervert since everyone is one.