Monday, July 30, 2012

Everyone's Favorite Modest Masochist

Saw this one posted recently and thought about how much I love Tenshi (or Tenko as she's often called when she's a loli) and my procrastination switch flipped again. This one is all about stuffing things into Tenshi's urethra and urethra fucking. Tenshi's a champ.

ExHentai: Link
UploadMirrors: Link


  1. Hey guys, it's the dude who uploaded the raw for this. Unfortunately the guy who scanned it for me missed a page. I actually didn't notice until I read your translation and thought, "Wait, wasn't there an explanation of that little ball-injecting tool here?" Sadly I was right.

    He's scanning the page for me now and I'll update the original gallery as soon as I have it. I'm so sorry for the trouble. I'll go ahead and PM your uploader on EH the page too so you don't have to re-download an entire gallery.

    Again, sorry about that!!

    1. Page added, gallery links updated, archive updated.

      Thanks for telling me, I was wondering about that. I didn't really question it since things so often go without explanation and those two surrounding pages weren't really disjoint without the other one. Eh, happens.

  2. can't seem to get the rapidshare link to work. there a problem with that one?

    1. I uploaded a new copy but the Rapidshare part is still defunct. Try another host, I can't control that.