Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reverse Rape Slave

A long while ago I saw these doujins by Happiness Milk on ExHentai and I really liked them, I love the way this guy draws faces and I had an exceptionally hard time stopping myself from getting up and going to masturbate while translating this one. Some time ago, Little White Butterflies nabbed one I wanted to do (but admittedly there were a few pages in there with nightmarish redraws), but there are still three (two now I guess) that aren't translated so I picked this one instead, and I'm not disappointed. Although it lacks the sweet futa action the other one had, it's still amazing. Who wouldn't want to be Satori's rape slave for all eternity?

ExHentai: Link
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  1. This artist sure loves deep throating, not that i'm complaining.