Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sakuya-san's Drugged-Up Delusions

I've always wanted to do one by this artist, I like the art style he has going on...Anyway, I just picked this up on impulse. It's full of plenty of drugs and rape and more hallucinations than you can shake a stick at. I'll be back later with more fun stuff I'm sure.

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  1. saw this on the touhou board. I was amazed by how well the translation was. Then I check here to see it was you. It all makes sense now.

    I like the artstyle as well, just the actual content is ussually copy/paste, just with different characters. a little more varity with the actual sexual content wouldn't hurt, though then again, I read these for laughs then fap material.

  2. Aww you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

  3. I agree with zekana's assessment – good art, boring action.

    Out of curiosity, what fonts do you use? I edit things like this from time to time as well, and some variety would be nice.

  4. Picking fonts is usually the hardest part of typesetting...I'm still in search of nice comic style handwritten fonts in varying thicknesses, as well as some nice screaming fonts.

    The fonts I use (in no particular order):
    A Year Without Rain (little "haa" noises)
    Action Man (main dialogue)
    Anime Ace BB (credits)
    Mouth Breather BB (door slamming, credits)
    Kristen ITC (SFX text)

    Other fonts I randomly select from:
    A Safe Place to Fall
    KG Keep Your Head Up
    Light Up The World
    Just The Way You Are

    Such happy sunshiny names for porno fonts...

  5. Thank you very much. Only using Mouth Breather and Wild Words gets boring after a while.