Friday, November 25, 2011

Tonari no Yukari-san 2

Hey guys, I'm not dead I swear. It's just, you know, school happened. I'll try to pump out some more translations this holiday season when classes let up and stuff, I promise. I don't really have anything planned right now so I'm open to suggestions if they aren't impossible to edit. Anyway, enjoy this one that I'm sure some of you have been waiting for. It's been three months since I said I'd have it out next week. At least I'm still beating Valve time.

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  1. If you'd allow me to make another suggestion… I was just about to commission a translation of this:

    It's based on Touhou, and it's just four pages long…

  2. not sure how you feel about KoishixSatori but theres a doujin called
    (紅楼夢7) [あなたを、廃人です。] こいしちゃんのえっ�
    that has some nice sex scenes.
    futa, futa on girl, femdom, anal, and possible forth wall breaking?
    (mediafire link if you'd rather have that

    aside from that, nothing else comes to mind that i haven't already suggested.

  3. How about [Kurage no candume] musinronsyatatiga ga seiyani / Merry Christmas Ms. Vampire? Multi-futa SDM cast