Friday, June 24, 2011

[Midori no Ruupe] Garden Prologue

Looks like we're just doing full color releases for the first few days huh?

Here's the prologue to Midori no Ruupe's next series.

I'm being reminded why I didn't want to do the editing job before >.<. Ya'll better enjoy!

(I don't plan on doing the rest of this series at the moment. Maybe in the future when it's published as a book... then again...)



  1. Just chiming in as I had been tling this earlier this week.
    On page 2: onna ha minna kou shiteageru to yorokobu mono
    You translated as "Everyone would be happier if girls would do this more often". The correct translation should have been "women all love it when you do this to them" or something to that context, that way it fits with the next text bubble.

    So far, that seems to be the only error I've found.

  2. Another one, last red box on page 4. You translated it as "I had come to fall in love with the feeling.." but that makes her sound kind of slutty, which she is not. The story is about how much she loves her father, so the correct translation is something along the lines of "me, who was given pleasure by father had come to fall in love with father"

    Other than that, excellent translation and I hope to see more from you.

  3. That's kinda cheating if you're going match every phrase exactly to the original ^_^; (Been a while since I've gotten such a hardcore QC against my translations.)

    No arguements against the 1st correction but after glancing through the next few chapters, I'd say she's pretty fucking slutty. :P (Imako was pretty much just a slut too. Assuming we'd end up with the same character type... the two just seem so similar)

    Trying to be careful and put out good translations but not very nihongo-neese proficient over here :S

    Just making excuses now hehe... Thanks for the corrections though!

  4. Thank god you guys picked this up. I was hoping someone would.

    Do you guys plan on topping off Imako? The last chapter has been abandoned and the project is pretty much dead and the raws have been floating around for ages.

  5. Talking about that last non-h chapter of the Imako tank? I can see about getting to it after the C80 flood, though there are a few other things I'm supposed to work on still...

  6. Yeah that's the one. And hey, I don't want to impose on your schedule but, hell, if it's in consideration, any amount of time is a convenience.

  7. So this series isn't going to be translated?

  8. "I don't plan on doing the rest of this series at the moment. Maybe in the future when it's published as a book... then again"

    I don't want to live anymore.

  9. Garden volume 1

  10. Garden volume 2